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A former wild-child tabloid starlet returns to Hollywood
after a mysterious two-year disappearance and reunites
with two paparazzi brothers who live in a mansion
with their Elvis Impersonating father in the Hollywood hills.


Model Homes

-Where Maxim Meets Extreme Make Over, Home Edition-

Hundreds of gorgeous women auditioned to be Spokesmodels.
Twelve were chosen based on their beauty, personality and ability
to sell the sponsors product. However, in order
to win the coveted contract, they must live
and work side-by-side with a construction crew.
Beautiful models in tight jeans, tool belts, and work boots
join a union crew of electricians, plumbers, and other s
ubcontractors. They will take a near condemned mansion
and turn it into a home worthy to be shown on Cribs.
But can the crew focus on the job or will they be too distracted
by the gorgeous models to complete the home by the deadline?